A modern country music festival

LASSO 2020

Montreal QC

A modern country music festival in one of the world’s greatest festival cities LASSO is the only country music festival in an urban setting, which also happens to take place on a picturesque island in the middle of the St Lawrence river accessible by a 10 minute metro ride, overlooking the inspiring skyline of the one of the world’s most celebrated music cities. 

LASSO promises an unparalleled experience for fans of country’s new vanguard as well as established favorites by honoring tradition while at the same time embracing the newest trends! The lineup will feature a mix of international superstars and local luminaries from the Canadian, Quebec, and Montreal country scenes. Fans will find more hot country than they can shake a stick at, but they’ll also find bluegrass, folk, old time music, mixed with everything shiny and new! In addition, there will be a big tent feel to the fest with an everyone-is-invited to the table philosophy. Everybody has some country fan in them, and LASSO is there to give people a chance to celebrate the country lifestyle while casting a vision of the future of where the country wave is heading.

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