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MARC DUPRÉ 10 juin
MARC DUPRÉ 11 juin
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If you have purchased a VIP ticket (top price category ticket ), it includes entry into the group Q&A session with Cesar scheduled to take place after his seminar.  To offer you the best experience we can and to answer as many questions maximizing your learning, we ask that you help us by following a simple process. Please refer to your ticket to check if it includes the VIP Group Q&A Session.

Here’s how it will work on the night.

Before Intermission

To ensure that the VIP Group Q&A Session can run smoothly, we are asking you to provide your questions prior to the conclusion of intermission.

If you would like to submit a question for the VIP Group Q&A Session, you will find a question sheet on your seat. Please fill in your question sheet prior to the conclusion of intermission, and place it in the question box. The question box will be clearly identified and be located near the stage.

After the Seminar

Cesar will leave the stage at the conclusion of the seminar to allow us to clear the venue of all patrons not included in the VIP Group Q&A Session. This should take approximately 15 minutes. Please feel free to take a bathroom break, but stay within the building to ensure you hear the alerts prior to Cesar returning for the session.

Cesar will then come back onto the stage to answer the group’s questions. As you can imagine, Cesar gets lots of questions.  Quite often the same question is submitted by a number of people, so having your questions submitted on the sheets prior to the session allows us to manage this and fit in as many questions as possible. If we use your question, your name will be called, and we will request that you stand up in your seat, so that you can personally ask the question of Cesar.

The VIP Group Q&A Session will run for approximately 30 minutes.

Cesar will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all questions that are submitted will be read or answered.

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Spectacle Date Salle
SUGAR SAMMY 30 mai Théâtre Lionel-Groulx
MIIKE SNOW 30 mai Métropolis
DIRTY DANCING 31 mai Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier,...
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - LUZIA 31 mai Quai Jacques-Cartier
JMSN 31 mai Théâtre Fairmount
SUGAR SAMMY 01 juin Salle Maurice-O’Bready
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - LUZIA 01 juin Quai Jacques-Cartier
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