The Phantom of the Opera

French concert version of the musical

Spectra Musique presents a French concert version of the musical THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (LE FANTÔME DE L’OPÉRA). Under the direction of Étienne Cousineau, 20 singers and a 40 musician orchestra will share the stage to bring to life characters inspired from the famous Gaston Leroux novel and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is truly an international phenomenon. The French concert adaptation will be a major event that will become part of the history of this musical that has won over more than 140 million spectators worldwide in its original version since its creation in 1986.

The concert version presented by Spectra Musique in the language of Molière has been made possible by a special arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.

The legend of the Phantom of the Opera

The concert takes the audience back to 1881 in the mythical Paris of the Belle Époque. Hidden in the tunnels under the Paris Opera, a mysterious Phantom leads a strange, lonely existence. Feared by all, this monstrous, powerful man covers his deformed face with a mask. The Phantom falls deeply in love with singer Christine Daaé and helps her to become a star at the Paris Opera. Even though her heart belongs to young aristocrat Raoul, Christine is fascinated by the dark charm of the Phantom and follows him to his underground lair. In the catacombs, the two men fight to win the heart of the beautiful Christine.


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