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Planning Your Evening


Unless otherwise noted, the Bell Centre doors generally open 1 hour before the beginning of an event (show). The time on your ticket prevails. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-310-2525.

Backpacks forbidden / frisking

In accordance with the Bell Centre security policies, backpacks or items larger than a handbag or a briefcase will not be allowed into the Bell Centre nor held in consignment.

Please note that every person will be frisked at the entrances. As such, we recommend that you plan to arrive in advance since those frisks can slow down the speed at which people have access to the venue.

Set times

For shows and other events, it’s impossible to know in advance how long each artist will remain on stage and how long the show will last. The length of the show is entirely at the discretion of the headlining artist and is subject to change without notice by the producers of the show. We recommend that you show up at the time on your ticket to be sure not to miss anything!

Also, please note that the guest artists or the “opening act” of a show are always subject to change. Your ticket is valid for the headlining artist; we won’t issue any refund in the case of a change of guest artists.

For further particulars, contact us at 1-855-310-2525 or at [email protected].


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show, posters are not allowed inside the Bell Centre.

Autographs and meeting the artists

evenko can’t request autographs from the artists and no autograph session is scheduled during a show. Furthermore, it’s not possible to meet an artist unless otherwise noted by the producers of the show. Some artists sell VIP packages including a meet & greet and an autograph session; we invite you to check if this possibility is available for the event of your choice.

Video cameras

Unless you have an authorization from the producer, cameras, camcorders, GoPros and all other video devices are forbidden.


Unless otherwise instructed by the producers of the show, you will be able to enter the venue if you’re late. However, please note that in order to enhance the experience of their fans, some artists ask us not to authorize latecomers to get to their seats. They will have to do so at the time scheduled for that.

Warning: some VIP packages are governed by strict rules of punctuality. If you have purchased a VIP package, we invite you to carefully check its terms and conditions.

Please note that we offer no refund, either partial or complete, to latecomers.


In general, non-professional cameras are authorized during events at the Bell Centre. Please note that this policy is subject to change according to the directives issued by the producers of the event and that the directive on the ticket prevails.

It is strictly forbidden to bring a professional camera (with a detachable and/or more than 2-inch lens), otherwise it will be confiscated.