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Venue Configuration

Seating chart

Unless the producers make particular requests, the order of the rows on the floor begins with rows A to Z, followed by AA to ZZ. 

Here’s the order of the rows in the stands:

  • Level 100 (red): Rows AA to FF, followed by rows A to W
  • Level 200 (club): Rows A to F
  • Level 300 (white and grey): Rows AA to FF, followed by rows A to D
  • Level 400 (blue): Rows A to D

How to know if the seats with double letters come before or after those with single letters?

It is preferable to verify with the venue of the show in specific. However, in most cases, the double letter seats come before the single letter seats to the exception of floor seats where single letter seats would come before the double letter ones.

General Admission

The “general admission” mention means that there aren’t any seats. The people who have bought tickets with the “general admission” mention will be able to enter the venue on a “first come, first served” basis and will be standing up during the whole show. The seat numbers indicated on the tickets are for inventory purposes and have no consequences on the night of the show.