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Purchasing Tickets

Points of sale for tickets

For evenko events at Bell Centre, it’s possible to buy tickets at the 3 following points of sale:

Please note that online and phone purchases are payable by credit card only.

For evenko’s outdoor events, we invite you to visit www.evenko.ca


The accepted credit cards are: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express. It’s important to note that only the credit card holder is authorized to purchase tickets with his credit card.

Please note that the debit MasterCard is not compatible with our system and cannot be used to purchase online and by telephone.


If you don’t possess a credit card, inform yourself about whether it’s possible to buy your tickets at the Bell Centre box office.

It’s also possible to get a prepaid credit card in some financial institutions or in some retail outlets. In such a case, make sure to keep the prepaid credit card until the date of your event.


The Bell Centre box office accepts payment in cash, by direct debit or by credit card. It’s important to note that only the credit card holder is authorized to purchase tickets with his credit card. Bring a valid piece of photo identification when you come to buy your tickets because you could be asked to show it.


For the address and the opening hours of the Bell Centre box office, CLICK HERE.

How online purchases work


evenko wants to offer fans who desire to purchase tickets an equal buying opportunity for all. Hence, our online on-sales work on the basis of a virtual waiting room that gives access to tickets through a random selection process and not on a “first come, first serve” basis.


The virtual waiting room usually opens 30 minutes prior to the announced on-sale time for tickets. Thus, all Internet users who enter the virtual waiting room within this time frame have an equal chance to get access to tickets. For a show where tickets are in high demand, more fans will enter the virtual waiting room. A spot in the waiting room does not guarantee access to tickets.

Once the on-sale begins, a random draw takes place among all those present in the waiting room in order to determine the order of access to tickets. The virtual waiting room issues a message alerting those who have been randomly selected when the time arrives for them to choose their tickets. In the event where all tickets have been purchased, all those who have not been selected will receive a message informing them that the on-sale is over.


Here are the steps to follow in order to purchase tickets online. In the purchasing environment, the steps are numbered to facilitate browsing.

Step 1: Choose your event (if there is more than one performance of the desired event). Get more information about your event and about evenko’s policies by clicking on “More info”.

Step 2: Select the number of tickets you want to buy and indicate whether you’re looking for adjacent or non-adjacent seats.

Step 3: Choose the desired price level. A red line across a price level indicates that there are no more tickets left in that category.

Step 4: Find tickets.

It’s during this step that you can confirm whether the suggested tickets suit your liking. You can see the location of your seats on the adjacent seating plan.

If you get a message saying that there are no more tickets left in the price level you selected, this means that even though the inventory still contains tickets, those are currently being purchased by other users.

Step 5: Select the desired delivery method for the tickets.

* In some cases, the delivery method is imposed by the producers of the event.

Step 6: Enter your personal information to proceed to the payment of your tickets. Also, make sure to submit the information shown on the credit card and the billing address associated with the card being used.

Step 7: Review all the details of your purchase, because this sale is final.

Step 8: Click on the “Proceed to Payment” button to complete your purchase.


A presale is an offer to make a purchase before the public on-sale. It's an interesting opportunity to buy tickets.

To take advantage of the evenko presales, you only have to become an evenko member by clicking on the "Sign Up" tab on evenko.ca. If a presale is available for the show that interests you, an email will be sent to you a few days before the scheduled on-sale date.

Several other types of presales can be offered for each show. The main presales are those offered to the members of the artists fan clubs, by some credit card companies and by the event promoters.

To take advantage of fan club presales, you must be a member of the artist's fan club and visit the artist's website to check if a presale will be offered to members.

Please note that only a limited quantity of our ticket inventory is available during presales. Thus, having access to a presale doesn't guarantee having access to seats or to better seats.

VIP packages

Some artists can offer VIP packages to their fans. Those packages vary from one show to another and don’t always offer the same benefits. For more details about VIP offers, you can visit your favorite artists’ websites.

An email will be sent to you by those in charge of the package a few days before your event in order to provide more information on the package. If you wish to get more information about your package in a shorter time period, we invite you to visit the artist’s website and to communicate directly with their production team.

Minimum age

Generally, there is no minimum age to attend our events at the Bell Centre. In a case where an age restriction is imposed, we indicate it on evenko.ca and you will be notified when you purchase tickets.

The minimum age to buy alcoholic drinks is 18 years. If you plan to have alcoholic drinks at the venue, please have in your possession two (2) valid pieces of identification and make sure to drink responsibly.

Tickets for children

Children below the age of 24 months can enter Bell Centre for free, but they must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. Please note that if asked, you will have to show a piece of identification proving the age of the child.

From the age of 24 months, children must have a ticket in their possession and must sit in their own seat.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone at 1-855-310-2525.

How come tickets sell so quickly?

If tickets sell quickly, this means that the event is very popular and that demand is high. A portion of tickets may have been sold during the presales. Furthermore, with the new technologies, it’s possible to sell hundreds of tickets per minute. For example, if 1,000 people attempt to buy 2 tickets each, in less than a few minutes, more than 2,000 tickets will be sold.

Being fans ourselves, we understand the desire to attend the shows of our idols. We invite you to check out our tricks to maximize your chances to buy tickets.

How can there be better tickets available after my purchase?

In an on-sale context, when a client receives an offer of seats, our system temporarily blocks access to those seats to all other clients to prevent those seats from being sold to more than one fan. If the client decides not to accept the suggested selection or if the payment is refused, the seats that had been assigned to them will become available for purchase again.

Please note that there may possibly be ticket releases between the moment of the on-sale and the event. For more details on how ticket releases work, check out the “Ticket Release” section.

Ticket release

As an event approaches, the technical needs of the producers become more precise, which allows us to sell tickets that were originally not available for technical reasons. Furthermore, in the hours before an event, once the stage setup and the installation of the technical equipment are completed, evenko and the producers adjust the capacity and release new tickets, space permitting. Consequently, it’s possible that tickets closer to the stage will be available after your purchase. Be certain, though, that at the time you made your purchase, the best available tickets were those you have in your possession.

Please note that, as indicated in our purchase contract available at www.evenko.ca, there is no exchange or refund once a ticket has been purchased.

Venue, service and handling fees

A venue fee is a fixed fee making it possible to cover the maintenance and repair costs of the amphitheatre such as renovations or restoration and upgrade work. It’s applicable on every purchased ticket.

A service fee corresponds to the service that is offered to you during the purchase of your tickets. This fee is billed by the intermediary who sells tickets to you in order to cover operating costs such as call centers, box offices, managing and maintaining the websites, etc. The service fee varies from one show to another and from one venue to another. It is applicable on every purchased ticket.

The handling fee is a fixed fee applicable once for the overall order, which makes it possible to cover the costs of printing and sending the tickets in the case of a mailing, the Internet connection fees and the costs associated with secure delivery in the case of electronic tickets, and the printing and handling of the tickets in the case of a Will Call.

Tricks to maximize your chances to buy tickets

  1. Presales offer an interesting possibility to purchase tickets before the public on-sale. We invite you to check out the "Presales" section for more details.
  2. The sales system always offers you the best available tickets at the moment you make your purchase. Particularly in an on-sale context, if you reject the seat offer and try a new search, it’s possible that the system will offer you seats further from the stage. First come, first served!
  3. In the hours before the show, it’s possible that the producers will release tickets. For more details, check out the "Ticket Release" section.

Please note that the chances to have access to tickets are the same whether you use the Internet, the phone or the Bell Centre box office.

Bell Centre and evenko strongly advise against buying tickets from resellers or from a third party.

Purchase from a third party – ticket resale / scalping

Bell Centre and evenko strongly advise against buying tickets from a third party. We only guarantee the validity of tickets that are purchased at the official box offices or from authorized vendors (e.g. some fan clubs will sell their tickets and/or VIP packages themselves).

It’s impossible for us to determine the validity of a ticket purchased from an unauthorized reseller (street resellers (scalpers), classified websites) before the event. The validity will be confirmed at the door, at the moment of the event.

Bell Centre and evenko would like to remind you that buying tickets from unauthorized vendors and resellers (scalpers) means putting your trust and your money in the hands of a stranger and that it represents a risk of fraud.

If you have questions or doubts about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-310-2525.

Partially obstructed view - Limited view - Side of the stage - Back of the stage

We indicate that seats offer a “partially obstructed view” or a “limited view” when a technical object could be blocking part of the stage. Most of the time, the obstruction is not major, but we prefer to warn you since we can’t guarantee the view you will have until the artist’s stage is set up.

“Side of the stage” and “back of the stage” mentions are put on the ticket when the seat that you buy doesn’t face the stage. This means that your field of view will be directed to the sides or the back of the stage.

Group purchase

To get information about the possibility of buying 12 tickets or more, we invite you to contact the Group Sales service at 514-925-2561 or 1-866-365-7469. Please note that some events don’t offer group sales.

Requesting a refund

We recommend that you carefully check your order before proceeding with the payment, because no exchange or refund will be accepted following your purchase.

Canceled or postponed event


In the case of a canceled event, evenko commits to inform you about it as soon as possible. Refunds will be made automatically to the credit card that was used during the purchase and will appear on your credit card account in the 30 business days following the cancelation of the event. For purchases made in person, we invite you to the box office for refund procedures.

** Please note that the method of payment used for the refund will be the same as the method of payment used during the purchase.


If an event is postponed, evenko commits to inform you about it as soon as possible. We invite you to keep your ticket since it will be valid on the new date of the event.

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-310-2525.


Please note that we do everything we can to offer our clients high-quality events that we are proud of. Consequently, we don’t cancel events because of weather conditions.